Lets have a party!

Want some advice on planning your dogs party?

Here they are:

1. Firstly you will need to organise a guest list. This list might have some of your doggies friends and their owners or it might have some doggy neighbours next door. Who ever it is make sure they are not dogs that will ruin the party or can hurt or scare the other dogs. Next make the invitations to the people you want to invite. The theme of your party might be a “Wild West” so you might draw, print or paint some pictures of dogs in the wild west and have the invitation in the same style.


2. The food is one of the most things to have at any party! Search on the internet for dog birthday cakes and a whole heap of great dog friendly recipes will come up. Make sure none of the dogs at the party have any special needs or anything particular they can’t eat. Remember to make little take home packs as a cute gesture!

3. The area is of the party is very important, it has to be a area where the dogs can run around and play games. Some great places to go are the park, beach, in your garden, anywhere you choose just needs to be a place where the dogs are safe and where you can keep an eye on all of them.

So if you want more information on planning a party join the Happy Puppy Club and I can help you organise the perfect celebration or party for your dog!

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