Lets party!

To organize a party you need to make sure you have checked off all the basics then you can move on to the finishing touches.Try to start early so that you are ready for the day. It is important that you make a list of what you need to do so you keep yourself on track and organised.

Your list might look like this:

Party Planning List

 Choose party theme

–     Glitz and Glamour

–    Rock n Roll

–     Wild West

Recipes to cook

–     Liver Bait

–     Chicken Biscuits

–     Pasta Supreme

People to invite

–     Joey my neighbour

–     Sammy the dog friend

–     Sophie the cat

–     Aunty Ella


–     Local park    

–     At home

–     Beachside 


–     Birthday balloons

–     Coloured streamers

–     Pin the tail on the dog

–     Dog friendly piñata

I hope this is will help you when you are organising any style of party. Remember, you can always use these terms on a human party too! Organisation and knowledge of the basics are the key to the perfect party!

I added in a poll that asks you what party theme you would have for a dogs party. Have fun!!


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