Recipe of the Month- Icy Paws

I found this recipe on a website which is Its a great site with dog recipes! This recipe is great for hot days when your dog just wants to chill. It’s easy and will taste delicious!!


2 cartons of plain or vanilla yogurt
1 small can of tuna in water
2 tsp. garlic power
24 plastic cups


1. Open yogurt, if it they are full to the top use a spoon and scoop out one cup (these will then be frozen). Put half of the can of tuna in each yogurt container and add the garlic powder (1 tsp. in each) and then stir thoroughly.

2. Use a spoon and scoop the mixture into the plastic cups and place the on the tray and freeze overnight. The next day they will be frozen and ready to enjoy!! 🙂


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