About Me

I love all animals but I especially love dogs! I am trying to show everyone where to buy the latest quality products for a great price! I also post a range of things like how to organise for dog birthdays and other special occasions. So please take a look at my blog and I’m sure you will find lots of information that will be good for you and your dog!

11 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Thank you so much, Mara. Google uses crawler robots to gather images from all over the internet, and puts them on Google Images pages, but it is not a source for images for the public to use. It is a great misunderstanding that those are not available to the public, and Google does nothing to explain, other than teeny tiny writing that says ‘these images may be copyrighted’.
    Copyright requires that a person using a photo receives permission from the original owner of an image before using that image.
    Thanks again for removing the photo.

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