Christmas is nearly here!

Its easy to find presents for humans and have parties, but we never really think about the dogs. Yes, they don’t have any idea what Christmas is, but we love them and lets show our love in the festive season.

Some cute things are available for dogs this Christmas season funny shaped treats, hats, clothing and toys. I tried this last year and it was so much fun! My dog opened the present with its paws and we all laughed and had a good time while the dogs tried to open the gifts.


So if you want to make this Christmas extra special then why not make a present for you pet!  

Cutest and funniest dogs- June

Hi everyone! These are some very cute/funny photos I found. Please tell me which one you like by voting on the poll.

Enjoy!! 🙂

1. Dog in water

2. Crufts Dog show

3.Pink Jumper

4.  Dog sleeping

5. images

Winter is coming!

Winter is soon approaching and we need to get warmed up, not only us of course, our best friends. They feel the cold like we do but their coat protects them from when it is very cold. So lucky for them its not to cold! We need to make sure we get the right things prepared for the winter season!

Dog in boots!

What about some cute boots for me?



This winter I want to stay nice and warm, this year i’m well prepared!

These two pictures are very cute and also are good examples of what you could get. If your not a fan of that ‘cute’ look then some simple colours or patterns are perfect for you. So this winter make sure you can snuggle up your little one with something cute to start off the season! Enjoy winter and always think of it as a time to spoil your dog with some great winter things!!

Top 5 cute puppy photos of the month!

Puppy with mobile

1. Just calling to say I love you!

Doggy wig

2. I’m the new pop star in town everybody!!

Lab puppies in a basket

3. Aren’t we just adorable?

Cute puppy!

4. Umm.. how do I get out of this?

2 month old papillon

5. Some thing moved, I saw it!!

I hope you enjoyed all the cute puppy photos! 🙂 Tell me which picture you like the best!! Have fun!

Happy dog year!

New year is a hard time to think of something to do with your furry friend, fireworks off the list and maybe a friends house to hard, so what?! Well i think I’ve got an idea, what about inviting your friends and their dogs and having a doggy night in? If your a bit stuck on ideas then don’t worry I’m here to help! I was thinking you could have some yummy nibbles to start off the night, like human food I guess, and for the dogs you could make a stew of pig’s trotter and lentils. Now time for games, what about a little dog training class or maybe a relaxing spa treatment with your dog, the possibilities are endless! And now to finish the night off, putting on your pjs and snuggling up with your dog watching the TV while chatting to your friends! The perfect dog night in! Happy new year, woof woof!!

Happy new year dog!

Dog stuff

There’s lots of doggy things that you can buy, ranging from the simple leash to a machine water bowl! But sometimes you ask yourself, should I get the basics or the wants?? Well, it’s hard not to go into a pet shop and come there just to buy some food and I end up buying a couple new toys… But do I need it? I say, if the dog likes it and you think it will last a long time and be money well spent then, yes!! It’s all about thinking if it’s a good product and if you will use it. If the answer if yes, then go for it and HAPPY SHOPPING!! 🙂


doggy needs

Pet of the Month- Summer time fun!

These two dogs sure know how to have fun! As you can see they love it on that floatie and could stay all day, enjoying the sumer sun on their backs. I’m sure these dogs will be soaking up the warm weather for quite a long time… In fact, who could bame them!

Your breath smells!

Bad breath is no longer a problem! I found great product for dogs with bad breath. It’s a breath gel and bad doggy breath will not be an issue again! The two key ingredients are Eucalyptus and Peppermint, they refresh the breath and won’t hurt your dog. All you need to do is squirt a small amount onto your dog’s gums and that smelly breath will no longer be a problem! They are available at your local pet store for $14.95. It might cost a bit more then you would expect but definitely worth it!

Top 5 must haves for Summer!

1. Some VERY cool sungalsses to block those sun-rays away!

2. Icy paws for those warm summer days in the sun.


3. Don’t forget the sunscreen, it might seem funny but dogs can get sunburnt too! (on the nose at least)


4. Frosty water bowl dishes are great to keep your dogs water cold! Many pet companies have designed freezable pet bowls. It keeps the water cold so your dog can enjoy nice cold water on a warm summer day.


5. And last of all, pet bandanas!