How cute!

I have always thought of a backpack for dogs and look, i found one on Puppy Angel. Puppy Angel has got a range of great clothes, toys and products for dogs. When I saw the backpack I straight away thought I have to blog about this. It is very good keeping the dog warm and […]

Take me for a jog mummy!

Yet again I was looking at some great doggy magazines and found a website called Puppy Angel. It is a very nice website that has luxury, designer products and clothes for dogs. I found a very nice jogging outfit. This outfit can be used for walks, staying at home, cold nights outside walking, ANYWHERE! What […]

Sleep tight!

I have found a great fuzzy yard bed that is very comfortable and comes in a range of colours and sizes. It is perfect for night time sleeps or day time rests and is very fashionable so it will look great in what ever environment. It costs $64.95 at my pet warehouse but for a […]